Getting Ready for 2016


Developing a plan for your business is time well spent.

Pork Industry Faces Tight Margin Year


Pork producers are expected to experience another year of tight margins in 2016, similar to the year just completed.

Possible 2016 Harvest Prices for Corn


A University of Illinois economics professor uses historical changes between projected and harvest prices to derive a distribution of possible harvest prices for corn in 2016.

Expanding Genetics and Electronic Bull Buying


The way bulls are sold is changing.

Renewable Accounts: The Drive for Five


Increased gas use is good news for the American farmer.

Fertilizer Prices in 2015


The current retail prices of all major fertilizers are noticeably lower compared to prices one year ago, according to USDA statistics.

Where Do the Sharps Go?


Regardless of why an animal received a shot, it is important to dispose of the needle in a safe way.

Pre-Calving Vaccinations for Pregnant Cows


As calving season looms in the not so distant future, it is time to consider plans for pre-calving vaccination of pregnant cows, and think about controlling calf scours.

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