Is Snow Bad for Crops?


While some crops can suffer significant detrimental effects from snow and cold temperatures, others markedly benefit.

How it Works: Sex Sorted Semen


For sex sorted semen, the ability to shift the gender ratio of a calf crop comes from the fact that gender is determined by the sperm cell that fertilizes the egg.

Weed Blasting Offers New Control Method for Organic Farmers


Organic fertilizers, such as soybean meal, can be used as abrasive grit, which could mean farmers could control weeds and fertilize their crop in a single pass.

Can You “Make” a Cow Deliver Better Colostrum?


What interventions could be made within the cow herd to improve the quantity and quality (concentration of immunoglobulins) of colostrum produced?

Marketing is Not a Numbers Game


What businesses want are aware, engaged customers taking action.

Terminal Breed Indexes Available at Your Breed Association Website


Selection indexes can help producers buy bulls destined to sire terminal calves.

Second Annual SDSU Extension Heifer Development Webinar Series


In February, SDSU Extension will host the 2nd Annual Heifer Development Webinar Series titled Managing Bred Heifers for the Future.

Smaller Winter Wheat Crop in 2016?


The USDA’s December 2015 survey of winter wheat seedings revealed that producers seeded only 36.609 million acres of winter wheat last fall.

What Cow-Calf Producers Should Maximize


Maximizing narrow production measures will not be economical for cattle producers.

Scams and Fraud Add Insult to Injury After a Disaster


People can become victims twice in the aftermath of a natural disaster like a flood.

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