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Dandelion Season

April 25, 2018

The yellow flowers of spring are coming. The dandelions are running a couple of weeks behind normal but they are starting to show. If you did not get your yard sprayed last fall the dandelions will be with you the next month or so. These plants will continue to develop flowers. They thrive on cool damp weather.

Dandelion is a perennial that can produce multiple flowers. With a large plant more than 50 flowers have been found to be produced with several seeds per flower. Spring treatments are not as effective as fall but can be used to stop the yellow flowers from producing viable seed.

Management Considerations
Herbicide treatments can be used either as a weed and feed type granule or as a liquid spray. The chemicals must enter thought the leaves. Spray products can be applied with a variety of equipment. Keep sprays coarse and use low pressure to reduce the chance of spray going on non-target sensitive plants. Remember the older the dandelion the harder it will be to kill.

Scattered plants can be dug but be sure to cut the root off below the ground so the crown is killed to avoid the plant coming back as a new plant.

Make a note on the calendar for fall to control the plants after the first frost so you do not need to be one of the people with a yellow lawn next spring. Remember even if you lawn looks good this year seedlings can be back next year.

Source: Paul O. Johnson, iGrow