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Are Your Farm Employees Ready for Low Temperatures?

January 24, 2017

Winter is here and snow and icy roads will increase the risk for accidents. Getting ready to leave the house and going to work on the snow and ice might be a problem for unexperienced people.

The cold and snowy season are challenges for anyone, and especially to the immigrant workers that have to endure them. Farm employees usually come from warmer countries and winters might be really harsh if they are not used to them. Single digit temperatures in their country of origin are usually never reached. While some might have experience others might need to ease themselves into winter.

Winter Weather Tips
Some simple recommendations will help employees cope with the snow, ice and low temperatures. The first winter experience can be a challenge if they don’t know what is ahead, except for maybe snowy days and really cold temperatures. What will soon become relevant is how little they know about survival strategies during bad weather conditions.

Basic tips such as having an emergency kit and a list or instructions for how to drive safely could help with being “reliable” at work as well as maybe even saving an employee life this winter season.

This brochure is meant to help them stay safe this winter, and have the ability to be ready when snow and ice make an appearance, and prevent any accidents or misfortunes due to lack of winter experience.

Knowledge and prevention are key to being safe during winter.

Source: Maristela Rovai, South Dakota State University, iGrow