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Considerations for Stored Seed

January 7, 2020

Additional authors: Andrew Evans, OSU Horticulture & Crop Science and John Armstrong, Ohio Seed Improvement Association 2019 was full of challenges, including what to do with purchased seed that did not get planted. If the purchased seed was not returned and was stored with intent to use it in the 2020 season, producers should consider […]

When Treating Seed for SDS, Don’t Forget Your Base

June 21, 2019

With tight profit margins, and other issues affecting farm profitability, some producers that use iLeVO for helping manage sudden death syndrome (SDS) of #soybean have decided to skip including base fungicide treatments in an effort to save money.  Another reason for not including a base fungicide seed treatment is because iLeVO contains fluopyram, an SDHI fungicide.  Therefore, it should […]

Watch Out for Seed Quality Issues

March 9, 2016

Working with a reliable seed retailer and understanding variety protection laws are two ways farmers can ensure they are planting high-quality seed.