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Improve pasture management with good paddock design

July 23, 2021

Pay attention to key factors when setting up grazing systems. By: Darrell Boone If you’ve heard about management-intensive grazing systems in which the animals are moved from one small paddock to another multiple times each day, you likely have one of two reactions: That would be a great way to get the absolute most out […]

Keep an eye on those soybeans

July 23, 2021

Soybean Source: It’s easy to get riled up over holes in soybean leaves, but investigate before taking action. Beans can withstand some defoliation. By: Clarke McGrath It’s been a pretty challenging summer, with most of the state fighting serious drought, storm damage in many areas, and some regions even dealing with excess moisture. Even with […]

American ingenuity leading the way through 2021 drought

July 23, 2021

AFBF survey assesses how farmers and ranchers are dealing with drought. By: Daniel Munch With intensifying drought conditions across the American West, Southwest and Northern Plains, AFBF designed and distributed a survey to assess drought’s impact on farm and ranch businesses. This Market Intel, the first in series of drought-focused articles, summarizes the results of […]

A drought for the ages

June 25, 2021

Water Lines: Many factors are making it difficult to continue farming and ranching — but drought is one of the biggest challenges. By: Dan Keppen This water year is shaping up to be one of the worst in recent Western history. More than 90% of the region is in drought, with 53% experiencing at least […]

Niche market for ranch-raised beef on the rise

June 25, 2021

Selling beef from the farm to the consumer may provide opportunities for high premiums. By: Blair Fannin SUGGESTED EVENT Farm Progress ShowAug 31, 2021 to Sep 02, 2021 Direct beef purchases from the farm continue to be an emerging trend as consumers want to know both the story and faces behind the products they are purchasing, according […]

Landmark Growing Climate Solutions Act clears Senate

June 25, 2021

Bill breaks down barriers for farmers interested in participating in carbon markets and be rewarded for climate-smart practices. By: Jacqui Fatka  The Growing Climate Solutions Act passed by a vote of 92-8 on the full Senate floor on Thursday. The act has 55 cosponsors, which makes it the first major piece of bipartisan legislation that would […]

Is ag media helping to bridge scientific knowledge gap?

June 25, 2021

The sound bite culture cannot effectively communicate the nuances of how U.S. agriculture benefits the world. By: Todd Fitchette  Getting out and interviewing people in person is a big part of what motivates me as an ag journalist. Being tethered to a desk and computer screen for more than a year was difficult on several […]

Vaccinating young livestock against disease is affordable, practical

May 25, 2021

The price of a single calf, lamb or kid lost to a preventable disease could pay for the vaccination program for a producer’s entire herd or flock. By: Will Hehemann, UAPB School of Agriculture, Fisheries and Human Sciences Whether raising sheep or cattle, livestock producers should always plan on vaccinating their young animals, Dr. David […]

How to make grain marketing decisions in a volatile market

May 25, 2021

3 factors to think about before making grain sales. Hint: they have nothing to do with current prices By: Darren Frye  Many farm leaders say that marketing their crop is one of the most challenging things they do – and it’s true that grain marketing can be a tough part of the job. In all […]

Western states taking lead in back-to-work push

May 17, 2021

Arizona joins Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, others in halting the extra $300 in unemployment benefits, which has been blamed for a labor shortage. Arizona has become the latest state to announce it will stop taking the federal government’s pandemic unemployment benefits, which some argue have caused a labor shortage by creating a disincentive to work. The […]